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SH-WIPE Terry Cloth Bonnet, Pack of 6

SKU: 22006 $26.00
Sh-Wipe bonnets are made utilizing a special terry cloth that provides excellent cleaning with improved durability. The Sh-Wipes are machine washable (warm temperature, NO bleach) and can be machine dried (warm temperature). The Sh-Wipes should be washed after each use to provide fresh sanitized covers for every use. The use of bleach is NOT recommended since it will shortened the useful life of the elastic and degrade the cotton fibers. Multiple Sh-Wipes are recommended so that they can be removed and replaced as they become soiled. No need for a mop bucket. Just moisten, wring, place on the mop, mop and then wash the Sh-Wipes. The Sh-Wipes can also be used dry if the floor type is not suitable for damp mopping. Sh-Wipes are excellent for all hard surfaces including floors, walls and windows. The Sh-Wipe is designed for the Sh-Mop and will fit any 8 in.X 15 in. large surface mop that has adopted the Sh-Mop design. CAUTION: ComSenTech recommends that your floor manufacturer’s specified cleaners and procedures should always be followed to ensure that your floor and floor finish warranty is protected. Sh-Mop, Sh-Wipe and Sh-Micro are registered TRADEMARKS owned by ComSenTech, Inc.